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MARY ZIGOURI. Allegorical Humanities

CAMPOSTABILE / STEFANIA ZOCCO. Various from the classic kilometer

15.07.2017 - 20.09.2017


curated by Daniela Bigi, Giuseppe Buzzotta, Gabriella Ciancimino


The exhibitions



This artist solo show at the piano nobile frescoed rooms is named VUSSURìA.

Politi’s intention is to move artistic activity from the studio to the castle.

Imagining himself as a court artisan, the artist has created 4 decorative and useful objects like some curtains.

In a kind of manneristic praise to human time, these curtains’ painting represent the four seasons and their colours.


MARY ZYGOURI | Allegorical Humanities

A tendency towards allegories is a constant element in Mary Zygouri research. The artist creates site-specific perfomances where the audience has a consciously active role.

Her 3 videos playing in the main hall of the castle ground floor can be read as a story divided into 3 chapters in which the artist explores the relationship between human beings and the power.

Symbiosis (2007) focuses on the concepts of crowd and power: in an insurrection atmosphere, Zygouri writes out the requests of 10,000 hens claiming their rights.

From political partecipation to subjection, in La Decadenza (“Downfall”) (2008).

Like a fallen goddess, the artist travels in a damaged vehicle waving at imaginary crowds in a completely deserted field.

Another step, another allegory. From subjection to reaction. See how human beings react to inflexibility by turning back to emotion, passion.  Bath of Constitution is conceived as a safe space where collectivity may manifest dissent. The performance took place in Istanbul in 2015, just before the constitutional referendum on presidential system decided by the Turkish leader Erdogan.



CAMPOSTABILE / STEFANIA ZOCCO | Various from the classic kilometer

The exhibition offers an opportunity for a dialogue among artists recently emerging in the Sicilian scene who are exposing in four rooms at the castle ground floor.  The size and history of each room become integral part of figurative themes or operational choices.

The Campostabile duo chose to operate in two dimensional directions, a micro and a macro scale.

One is a process of decomposition, destructuration, analysis and reinvention of forms starting from photographs of textiles, working on balance, ambiguity and perceptual wastes.

The other, choosing minimal dimensions, shows a series of small sculpture devices exploring two polarities: the universe of industry/artifice and that of archaic/manual gestures.

Stefania Zocco uses the meticulous art of drawing for a survey on the historical-architectural layers on the castle walls. At the same time she offers us a reflection about the physical activity of restoring a wall and the likewise physical multiple reactions generating on the original walls, which remain live bodies with the passing of time.

Water seepage, condensation mould and rising damp reveal these walls’ permeability, tell us about a need to breathe, remind us the vitality of materials. Physical and metaphorical.



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